Green Silence

((Ahhh so obviously it’s been quite a bit since I’ve been around on this blog, buuuut I really miss playing Trowa, so I plan to start this account up again soon!

I’m a bit too lazy and nostalgic to delete past posts or make a new blog, so I’ll just state that past events from this blog back within GWM should be disregarded as of present time.  ;w; I might throw up an FAQ of some sort and will try to make any necessary adjustments to my headcanon soon! Technically this will be an independent blog as I won’t belong to a specific group, but I’m more than willing to affiliate as time goes by (and already do with at least one person)!

While finals are occupying the majority of my time at the moment, I am going to try and get back into the swing of things as soon as I can on this blog!))


What's your favorite thing to do in the circus?

In regards to performing, I’d have to say flying on the trapeze. Otherwise, I enjoy helping to train the animals.



I’d never stopped to realize how much muscle I’d gained between piloting Heavyarms and joining the circus.

Steroids …trowa lay off them

I’ve never used anything of the sort.

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Would these instincts lead you to trust the other gundam pilots with your life? (I assume you feel that way about Cathy, but I could be wrong?)

I’ve little reason not to trust any of the guys since each of them have had my back at one time or another. I feel the same in regards to Cathy, as she’s been nothing but supportive of me from the beginning of our knowing each other.

That’s…a lot of blood.

That’s…a lot of blood.